What’s your style?
if your answer is “I don’t know”, you are probably just a fashion wind follower.

whatever the new trend is, you wear it without evaluating if it suits you, is it your style, is it good for your body type or your skin tone etc…

You probably just put clothes on because everyone else is wearing them. Please do not wear pieces of clothing just because they are a trend.

Find your own style and stick to it.
Fashion is a common trend that is usually made popular by fashion industries, trend setters, media and celebrities. It’s good to be fashion forward but it’s even better to incorporate fashion into your own personal style. Not all fashion trends are good for you.

Style is personal. It becomes part of your identity. How you wear your clothes, when you wear them, what you choose to accessorize them with, what colors you love the most etc…This should be decided by you.

If you are struggling to find your own style, I challenge you to 12 months (1 year) “no new clothes” challenge. No shopping for new clothes, only use the clothes you currently have in your wardrobe. Pay attention to the pieces you wear the most everyday and the type of colors and styles you pick. By the time the challenge is done, your financial savings will not only improve but I guarantee you that you will know exactly what your personal clothing style/preference is.

Every individual is born  as a unique brand. present your brand carefully. Let it reflect what it was born to reflect, you!