1. Please Do shower before wearing any fragrance. Fragrances do not hide your “bad body odor” but make it worst and uncomfortable for others around you.

2. Be considerate of others, do not wear a scent so loud that it triggers car alarms to go off when you pass (wink, wink). I am referring to  a scent that creates a sneeze environment and want to make People run away and lock their doors. such scents will only attract flies and not humans, especially not a potential partner for those who are single and searching. Although loud scents are attractive to some cultures and traditions, just make sure before wearing it, you are aware of the occasion and environment you will be at. Choose a scent that won’t make people lose concentration during meetings. In short, do not spill an entire bottle of perfume or eau de toilet on yourself. Do not buy very strong smelling scents that cause harm to human health. If you are not sure of what to go for, do try different scents first and ask people you trust or objectively watch how people react around you.

3. A scent sends a message about who you are or perhaps the type of person you are trying/striving to be. Choose carefully and choose what scent represents you to others. Find out more about that scent. Do your research. Some scents are aphrodisiacs, good for your romantic partner but not for strangers out there.

4. Do not steal or ask to use your friend/relative’s perfume. It might smell good on them but not on you, your natural body odors are different and therefore the chemistry it might form with the fragrance might be positive or negative.

5. Do not use perfume samples of perfume boutiques next door to you as means of saving money whenever you want to wear fragrances. Rather save and buy your own or find an amazing scent that is cheaper. It does not have to be a perfume, can even be a simple shower gel or deodorant that smells good for a long period of time.

6. Do smell pleasant, it relaxes others and naturally makes those around want to get close to you. . A scent is part of an invisible brand of your identity.

7. Do not choose a fragrance/scent because it’s a product of your favorite celebrity or admirer. Rather test it first. If it works, go for it, if it does not, let it go. Just because a particular celebrity finds that scent attractive it does not mean you or others will.

8. Do not wear more than one perfume at the same time. It can get a bit “scent crowded” and stuffy.

9. Do not wear perfume during exercises or while at the gym doing your routine. Deodorant is sufficient.

10. Do have fun choosing something that creates a pleasant memory for you and others