I hear people talk about classiness a lot, what it means to be a classy lady and why one would prefer to be classified as “a classy lady”. Well, let’s first understand what the words classy and class means.

The word class has a lot of meaning, depending on how and where it is being applied. My general understanding of class can be summarized in the list below;

  • social/economic  status
  • category or ranking in quality
  • stylish excellence
  • magnificence and grace
  • outstanding quality
  • Grouping of particular people
  • Belonging to a certain category
When the word class becomes classy, the meaning shifts a bit. A person, place, behavior and things can be referred to as “classy” in different ways.

When a person or a lady to be precise (I hear it mainly used to refer to ladies) is referred to as “classy” the meaning being discussed here is;

  • Her Elegance
  • sophisticated style
  • The way she conducts herself, leaving others to admire her
  • Her grace
  • Her standards of personal behavior/mannerism
One can financially be rich/wealthy and not be classy. One can also be financially poor and be classy. I personally do not link a person’s classiness with finance. I tend to lean more towards the character and conduct of a person. Although many like to associate being “classy” with one’s financial background in many societies, I do not see much of the link, Unless these dictionaries also got their definitions wrong;

The Oxford dictionary defines classy as ” Stylish and sophisticated”

Merriam Webster defines classy as “high standards of personal behavior, admirably graceful, elegant and highly stylish.”