When it comes to classy fashion brands, I do my research. I absolutely find pleasure in shopping. I feel I need some academic transcriptions to complement my years of experience in shopping. I am a mother, wife, diplomat wife, social worker, media consultant, trend setter and a friend. You can imagine my life and my style when it comes to shopping for my family, friends and sometimes just social events.

Remember, I am comparing these brands based on my own experience and taste.

Shall we start?

I found two amazing classy clothing brands in India I absolutely L.O.V.E.  Ajio and Cylory.

Ajio: I buy many Indian ethnic sets from Ajio. Their style is unique (especially Ajio’s own), elegant and sophisticated. Their designs are simple and silent. I wear many of their Kurta sets for parent meetings at school, charity social visits and sometimes diplomatic social events. why these particular places?

many of Ajio kurta set designs are neat, comfortable, well put together, conservative, charming and admirable. Noticeable but not loud. These are what I feel a lady’s energy should ooze out when present at these places. At least a classy lady that is.

My current problem with Ajio; sometimes the delivery takes too long and when delivering there is no option for clients who want to “swipe”, for a company such as Ajio this is a disappointment. If the details they place in their clothing will also apply when sending the parcels, they would reach greatness.

Cylory: When it comes to friendly parties, colleague weddings and religious attendance, cilory is one of the brands I turn to if I want to wear something ethnic and beautiful.

I appreciate their selection and variety of kurtas. Their creativity keeps me excited and their designs are easy on the eye and makes a woman feel absolutely feminine and out of  some people’s league (wink, wink).

Their designs are distinguished, conservative yet sexy, most of their dress kurtas are medium length and they vary from embroidered designs to pick a boo designs, from chiffon to lace. Basically they are not your ordinary everyday kurtas, they are ethnic with a twist of globalized style in them.

My current problem with cylory designs; The sizes are a problem. Even when checking the size chart, their selection in sizes are a bit confusing. I wear a small – medium but according to cilory I wear a large. I would also like to see more shorter kurtas, as in right above the knees. the medi length of below the knees make a woman’s legs feel shorter, which is not really what I assume many women would want.