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Get ‘black’ in your wardrobe

I love to wear color, I am absolutely team rainbow, but let’s be honest, nothing beats BLACK.

It’s a loyal color that never disappoints. It is there through happy and sorrowful occasions.
The color black hides flaws, insecurities, dirt and other unpleasant clothing challenges. The color only emphasizes your beauty and makes you look SLIM.

Black color is very friendly. It accepts to be matched with all other colors, never discriminates a single one. You can pair an LBD (Little Black Dress) with a gold pair of pumps for evening occasions, you can dress it with a colorful blue, yellow, pink or orange jacket for office attendance.

You can wear a black maxi dress or a suit at a funeral, wedding or even graduation.

You name the occasion and your black something in your wardrobe is here to serve you right.

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Define word SEXY


Oxford English dictionary

  1. Sexually attractive or exciting
  2. Sexually arousing
  3. Appealling


Merriam Webster

  1. Sexually attractive (erotic)
  2. Generally attractive or interesting


Cambridge dictionary

  1. Sex
  2. sexually Interesting
  3. interesting


Google word definition

  1. Sexually attractive or arousing
  2. Interesting
  3. Fashionable
  4. Stylish
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Hey Sexy!

When someone (especially the one you do not know) tells you that “you are sexy”. What do they mean?

Which of the definitions are they referring to? Should you take it as a complement or not. Is it ok for a stranger to tell you that you are sexually arousing him or her if referring to the general definition of the word “sexy”?

When and where is it ok to tell someone that they are sexy?

Who should you say it to and who shouldn’t you?

You tell me. What’s your angle on this topic?

Remember: If you communicate to a person that you find them “sexy”, this means, YOU are attracted to them.

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Brand your identity carefully

It’s just human nature. Either people get it right or not, like it or not, to other people, your outer appearance is primarily what they see and judge before they get to know “your inner character and abilities”. Be careful on the type of clothing, shoes and other material and changes you try to attach to the identity others create of you.  What you give us, is what we (the public) work with. As Marlyn Monroe once said;

“I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve let people fool themselves. They didn’t bother to find out who and what I was. Instead they would invent a character for me. I wouldn’t argue with them. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn’t.”

Your physical appearance is as important in shaping your identity as your mind. The clothes you wear, your hair style, even your fragrance communicates a message to people.

Our physical identities will negatively or positively affect our work, family life, spiritual life, especially how we feel about ourselves no matter how confident one is. Our societies throw their positive or negative judgement at us daily. Having a solid inner and outer identity that match will give you confidence, power and can help you achieve your life goals.

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Tzpaparazzi’s 10 rules on wearing fragrances

1. Please Do shower before wearing any fragrance. Fragrances do not hide your “bad body odor” but make it worst and uncomfortable for others around you.

2. Be considerate of others, do not wear a scent so loud that it triggers car alarms to go off when you pass (wink, wink). I am referring to  a scent that creates a sneeze environment and want to make People run away and lock their doors. such scents will only attract flies and not humans, especially not a potential partner for those who are single and searching. Although loud scents are attractive to some cultures and traditions, just make sure before wearing it, you are aware of the occasion and environment you will be at. Choose a scent that won’t make people lose concentration during meetings. In short, do not spill an entire bottle of perfume or eau de toilet on yourself. Do not buy very strong smelling scents that cause harm to human health. If you are not sure of what to go for, do try different scents first and ask people you trust or objectively watch how people react around you.

3. A scent sends a message about who you are or perhaps the type of person you are trying/striving to be. Choose carefully and choose what scent represents you to others. Find out more about that scent. Do your research. Some scents are aphrodisiacs, good for your romantic partner but not for strangers out there.

4. Do not steal or ask to use your friend/relative’s perfume. It might smell good on them but not on you, your natural body odors are different and therefore the chemistry it might form with the fragrance might be positive or negative.

5. Do not use perfume samples of perfume boutiques next door to you as means of saving money whenever you want to wear fragrances. Rather save and buy your own or find an amazing scent that is cheaper. It does not have to be a perfume, can even be a simple shower gel or deodorant that smells good for a long period of time.

6. Do smell pleasant, it relaxes others and naturally makes those around want to get close to you. . A scent is part of an invisible brand of your identity.

7. Do not choose a fragrance/scent because it’s a product of your favorite celebrity or admirer. Rather test it first. If it works, go for it, if it does not, let it go. Just because a particular celebrity finds that scent attractive it does not mean you or others will.

8. Do not wear more than one perfume at the same time. It can get a bit “scent crowded” and stuffy.

9. Do not wear perfume during exercises or while at the gym doing your routine. Deodorant is sufficient.

10. Do have fun choosing something that creates a pleasant memory for you and others

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What does your perfume scent communicate about your identity?

A good smell or scent of a person always leaves a memory. A smell of something reminds us of someone or somewhere. Therefore it is very important to choose ONLY one or two good fragrances that identify you to others and become part of your identity. When you enter or leave a room, people close to you should be able to recognize your presence and strangers should be able to pleasantly wonder about you.

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Did you say CLASSY?

I hear people talk about classiness a lot, what it means to be a classy lady and why one would prefer to be classified as “a classy lady”. Well, let’s first understand what the words classy and class means.

The word class has a lot of meaning, depending on how and where it is being applied. My general understanding of class can be summarized in the list below;

  • social/economic  status
  • category or ranking in quality
  • stylish excellence
  • magnificence and grace
  • outstanding quality
  • Grouping of particular people
  • Belonging to a certain category
When the word class becomes classy, the meaning shifts a bit. A person, place, behavior and things can be referred to as “classy” in different ways.

When a person or a lady to be precise (I hear it mainly used to refer to ladies) is referred to as “classy” the meaning being discussed here is;

  • Her Elegance
  • sophisticated style
  • The way she conducts herself, leaving others to admire her
  • Her grace
  • Her standards of personal behavior/mannerism
One can financially be rich/wealthy and not be classy. One can also be financially poor and be classy. I personally do not link a person’s classiness with finance. I tend to lean more towards the character and conduct of a person. Although many like to associate being “classy” with one’s financial background in many societies, I do not see much of the link, Unless these dictionaries also got their definitions wrong;

The Oxford dictionary defines classy as ” Stylish and sophisticated”

Merriam Webster defines classy as “high standards of personal behavior, admirably graceful, elegant and highly stylish.”

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do you have style?

What’s your style?
if your answer is “I don’t know”, you are probably just a fashion wind follower.

whatever the new trend is, you wear it without evaluating if it suits you, is it your style, is it good for your body type or your skin tone etc…

You probably just put clothes on because everyone else is wearing them. Please do not wear pieces of clothing just because they are a trend.

Find your own style and stick to it.
Fashion is a common trend that is usually made popular by fashion industries, trend setters, media and celebrities. It’s good to be fashion forward but it’s even better to incorporate fashion into your own personal style. Not all fashion trends are good for you.

Style is personal. It becomes part of your identity. How you wear your clothes, when you wear them, what you choose to accessorize them with, what colors you love the most etc…This should be decided by you.

If you are struggling to find your own style, I challenge you to 12 months (1 year) “no new clothes” challenge. No shopping for new clothes, only use the clothes you currently have in your wardrobe. Pay attention to the pieces you wear the most everyday and the type of colors and styles you pick. By the time the challenge is done, your financial savings will not only improve but I guarantee you that you will know exactly what your personal clothing style/preference is.

Every individual is born  as a unique brand. present your brand carefully. Let it reflect what it was born to reflect, you!

Celebrate yourself!


Beauty is Physical, mental, spiritual, psychological and much more.

It is no one else’s responsibility (but yours) to love yourself the way you would like to be loved.

Everyone else will only love you based on their own version of “what love means to them.’’

Your actions, their culture, their environment and the way they were brought up will influence the way they treat you.

Beauty should not only be about what is logically attractive to others but what you feel is attractive to you.

Give yourself permission to celebrate every part of you. Celebrate yourself!

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